oil mist collectors manufacturer

oil mist collectors manufacturer

Patent No. 10-0981584

The invention relates to the collecting device of the oil mist, more specifically, to the collecting device of the oil mist which easily collects the oil from the oil mist by being gradually filtered the oil mist with smoothly dropping the oil sampled with the wind force of blower. Generally, in the production site, in order to lubricate while cooling cutting and cutting tool in machining, the oil was of resentment died on the cutting region. The oil was vaporized in this processing due to the frictional heat between the cutting tool and cutting or it flew away to the small drop form and the air within classroom was muddied. And the apparatus for collecting of oil mist which collected the oil mist among the air since accordingly to purifying the air within classroom was developed. That is, the conventional collecting device eliminates the oil mist as described above. Therefore, the structure of collecting the oil mist by using the filter for filtering, the electric dust collector etc. is accomplished.

1) Target Pollutants : Oil mist & Fume

2) Features

  • It can treat and collect the evaporated oil.
  • Equipments, operation and maintenance is simple
  • It can be applied to multiple air pollution as pre-treatment

3) Major Applicable Industry

  • Metal shaving & cutting (cutting fluid)

oil mist collectors manufacturer

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